"I Want To Give You My BRAND
, Complete, Ready-To-Go,
  Online Business Venture ...

  Where You'll Get To Keep 100% Of
  The Profits!

Which Means You'll Earn £1,000 Per week!"


     "And this is NOT some tired, worn-out, over-sold business package ... NO! ... This is all BRAND NEW and ready to go ...

     The business model has been FULLY tested (website, sales literature and product itself) and ending up generating over £34,300 in profits within 2 Months ...

     ...  I will hand over everything required for YOU to earn £1,000+ per week ... although that's just scratching the surface ... this business really has the potential to earn YOU £10,000 PER WEEK!"

So What Is The Business?

I Want To Give YOU A Licence To Sell
 BRAND NEW - Highly Regarded - 10 
  Online Mentor Course

You will be able to sell my 10 week online
mentor program and keep 100% of the income

I easily signed up 354 people
who each paid £97.00 ... making
me £34,338!

* However ... this is something that I can ONLY
offer to just a few people ...
for obvious
... so you need to move fast!

     If you are looking for a proven, ready to go, fully tested business package that has already earned OVER £34,000 then your day just got a lot better.

     You'll be pleased to read that I won't waste your time with some long boring letter about wealth-creation, hard luck stories etc etc ... that you see almost all the time from so-caled Gurus.

     I'll simply give you the facts and let YOU make up your mind whether you want to join me or not!

    So here goes ...

     I want to give YOU a licence to sell my BRAND NEW 10 Week Online Mentor Course - as if it is your product and YOU keep
 100% of the income.

     It sells for £97.00 and I easily sold 354 courses - making £34,338! 

robert evans aweber

     However, it's not one of those sold-to-death, tired, out-of-date type products that nobody will buy.

     This is my
 BRAND NEW product that I only launched a few months ago and I've ONLY sold 354  - so there is HUGE potential to make a lot of money from this product.

     For example:

robert evans tick    You can easily sell 10 of these a week and
make £997.00.

robert evans tick    Or what about 20 a week and make £1,994.00

robert evans tick    Or 50 a week and earn £4,850.00.

     In fact the sky really is the limit ... this course has the potential to sell over 10,000+ copies!

Here's proof that I really do earn a lot of money online!

     Before I go any further, let me take you inside one of my online Barclays Bank Accounts showing a total balance of over £92,000...

robert evans guarantee text

     You may be thinking I've just created the above bank statement page using some design software and all the figures are simply made up ...

 ...SO what I've done is recorded a very short video to
 prove that these accounts are REAL ... and that there
 really is over £92,000 in my accounts!

     Showing you my GENUINE bank accounts is NOT in anyway to boast or brag ... I just want to prove to you that I'm the real deal - I walk the walk so to speak.

     I genuinely do make money online and the products I create do sell VERY well.

     What I wanted to do was give you an idea of how different your life could be with your very own internet business.

Do You Want More Proof?

     Here are genuine screen shots from my paypal account, all the £97.00 payments received are orders for the mentor course.

     This is a superb opportunity. The mentor course sells very easily - due to the fully tested sales website that you'll get within the package that I'll be sending you.

     It is ideal as a front end or back end product and has very wide appeal.

     Tens of thousands of people are looking for ways to make extra money online and a mentor course is the perfect product to offer them.

     The mentor course sells for £97.00 ...
 and you'll keep 100% of the income.

     ... And The BEST Part Is ... There Are NO Fulfilment Costs!

robert evans tickYou make 100% PROFIT On Each Sale as the course is delivered via email!

robert evans tickI'll look after EVERYTHING for you - I'll host the 10 course lessons on my webspace so you don't need to set anything up yourself - although you can host them yourself if you prefer.

robert evans tickI look after all the fulfilment of each lesson to your customers - you simply bank 100% of the cash - again, if you prefer you can fulfil the orders yourself.

robert evans tickThere are NO extra royalties to pay, NO renewing the licence every year, NO sharing your profits with me ...

     Plus ...

I've Taken Away All
he Hard Work! 

  Imagine how long it would take you to create a 10 week mentor program yourself?
  Imagine how long it would take to write the sales copy?

  Imagine how long it would take you to build a website?

  Imagine how long it would take you to write the direct mail letter?

Answer: Probably months! ... And that's if you can do these tasks in the first place!

 Forget all that!

I've saved you ALL the
hard w
ork and effort!

Here's What You'll
Get In
This Incredible Package:

1# Your Personal Licence

   This licence gives you the right to sell my brand new 10 week online mentor program and keep 100% of the income. You can sell the product as though you created it yourself.

         2# My Actual FULLY Proven Website

   You will receive the very same website that I used to attract 354 buyers of my mentor program. You only need to add your own Paypal 'Buy Now' button to the site and you can start to receive orders straight away.

     Plus, if required, I can set up
  the website for you. So there's no
  need to
 worry if you don't know how
 set up websites as I can
  take care of it all for you.

     You'll get of the proof of income
  paypal screen shots, the
  proof of income video, all the
  other graphics and of course
  the fully tested sales text.

     You can view the website that
  you'll receive by clicking HERE:

              3# All My Email Sales Messages

     These are the actual email
  messages I used to sell the
  mentor course. You can use
 yourself and they will
  bring in hundreds of orders.

     These alone are worth a lot
money as they have been
  proven to attract sales for the

          4# My A4 Direct Mail Teaser Letter

   This is the actual A4 teaser letter that I used to send people to the website. You post this letter to a mailing list and people then go and visit the website. Again this is fully tested and actually brought in over 120 sales for me making over £12,000!

5# All 10 Mentor Lessons

    Each lesson contains a vast
 amount of information that I
 currently use to earn over £7,000
 per week online. Within the 10
 week mentor program I reveal all
 my methods and techniques.

    Each lesson is written in an
  easy to
follow with step-by-step
  instructions,  and contains loads
graphics and links to my live sites online.                        

And I Will:
Host all 10 lessons on my webspace - so you DON'T need to worry about setting anything up

Provide the help and advice to all of your customers

Fulfill all your orders by delivering each lesson weekly

     All you do is insert your PayPal 'Buy Now' payment button into the website that I've developed for you - I can do this for you if you require.

     Then all your customers are sent the lessons automatically weekly through my own autoresponder.

    This means you keep the whole  £97.00 - there are NO fulfilment costs, and I fulfil all your orders.

     I've tried to make this as simple as possible for you.

     * You can of course fulfil the orders yourself, I just what to give you this easy option to consider.

An Ideal Business...

     This business venture is perfect if you are new to Internet Marketing but DO NOT have:

 A Quality, Wide Appeal Product To Sell

 A Well Designed Order-Pulling Website

 Proven Sales Copy 

 Proof Of Earnings


It's perfect if you are looking for a quality front or back end product to compliment your existing products.

     Everything is supplied - nothing is left out.

     It's a ready-made, fully tested and proven business product package that can earn you over £1,000 per week!

Top Quality Product ...

     You'll be selling a TOP QUALITY mentor program that I wrote personally.

     Within the course I reveal ALL my marketing methods that I use to earn £1,000's online. Everything is explained in an easy-to-follow, step-by-step way and I've included loads of graphics and live links to my own sites.  

     I'm delighted to have received a HUGE amount of positive comments from current subscribers - in fact everyone who buys it loves it!

     So, this business package that I want to send to YOU today is basically your   fast-track route to a successful £1,000 per week online business!

robert evans pound medYour Potential Market Is Never Ending!

Here's why ...  

robert evans tick Every day there are approx 100,000 people Worldwide who go to the internet and search for details on how to make extra money online.

 robert evans tickMany thousands of people link up to the internet for the first time everyday!

 robert evans tickMentor programs are now one of the most sought-after products online, they are now out-selling many ebooks or software products.

If you are seriously looking to 
start an online business that ...

robert evans tickHas huge mass appeal

robert evans tickHas zero overheads

robert evans tickCan earn you £1,000+ per week ...

... then this is what you've been looking for!

This is the easiest way in which to start an online business and earn £1,000's per month selling a quality PROVEN product.


     You have my name as backing for this product.

     So it is not just a 10 week mentor program that some unknown person has created, NO ... it's Robert Evans' 10 Week Online Mentor Program.

This means you can use:

robert evans tickAll my proof of income images

robert evans tickMy videos that go into my private Paypal/bank accounts

robert evans tickMy proof of traffic

robert evans tickFully tested and proven sales website

robert evans tickFully tested and proven promotional email messages

robert evans tickFully tested and proven teaser direct mail letter

... in fact everything I've used to sell this course is now available to you.

     As you can see, this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get on board right at the beginning.

     I purposely only sold 354 mentor courses to test the market, tweak the website copy, tweak my marketing methods to ensure it sells rapidly.

     It is now ready for YOU to sell hundreds of copies yourself.


     I can only allow a few people to sell this course - for obvious reasons - and I'm sure the limited number of places will be snapped up ultra quick!

     So, if you are looking to sell a BRAND NEW quality proven product where there is zero fulfilment costs then this is it!

     As I said, only a few places are available so if you are serious about getting one
 of the licences then please apply straight away - once they are gone I'm taking down this site!

SO ... Please Don't Delay!

     Now you'll be pleased to learn that unlike some other licence packages I am NOT  going to be asking for a huge commitment.

Usually I would charge:

robert evans tick £1,500 - £5,000 for writing a sales letter/website

robert evans tick £3,000 for creating a product

robert evans tick £500 for writing an A4 teaser letter

robert evans tick £500 for email marketing messages

robert evans tick £1,000 for testing the product

     So if you wanted me to create this product for you along with all the marketing material then it would usually cost you around £6,500 for my services!

     But don't worry, I'm not looking for anything close to this price.

     You may not know, but I ALWAYS try and give exceptional value for money.

     That's why - I'm sure - you'll be pleasantly surprised that to secure your licence to sell my 10 week mentor program will cost just £147.00.

     This is incredible value for money for what you'll actually get.

     Just 2 orders are you are in PROFIT ... ALL other orders will be 100% profit!

     I know that I could easily charge a lot more for this package but I've enjoyed great success online and I just want to give something back and genuinely do want to help YOU create your very own online business.

BUT REMEMBER! ... You need to act FAST!  

To secure your licence to sell my Brand New product, simply click the 'BUY NOW' button below.

Please send me my £1,000+ Per Week Business Package which contains:

 My  own personal licence granting me permission to sell
your 10 week online mentor program

 Master copies of each of the 10 weekly mentor lessons

 The exact website that you used to attract 354 buyers

 The email promotional messages that you used to
generate sales

 The A4 teaser letter that you used to generate sales

 Unlimited help, advice and instruction manual

 Help with setting up the website and fulfillment of the

     I very much look forward to working with you and helping you achieve fantastic income returns online.

     Very best regards,

    Robert Evans signature

     Robert Evans

     P.S. Don't forget, you'll get a ready-made BRAND NEW business - everything is supplied ready for you to earn £1,000+ per week online!

     P.P.S. I can't stress enough how limited this opportunity is, once all places are taken I'll be closing this site down.  

     P.P.P.S. Remember I earned £34,000 just by testing this product, imagine what you can earn!